Job profiles

Industrial clerk (m/f/x)

...a jack-of-all-trades with business sense

Industrial clerks are responsible of the company's business processes.

In materials management, they compare offers, negotiate with suppliers and supervise the incoming goods and the stock. 
In production, they plan, control and supervise the production of goods and services and prepare the documents that come with the orders. 
In sales, they work out cost estimates and price lists and are experts in sales negotiations.
Furthermore, they develop marketing strategies. 

In accounting/finance, they record and supervise the operations of business transactions. 
In human resources, they identify the staff requirements, are involved in recruitment/staff selection and plan the personnel deployment. 

Duration of vocational training: 3 years; if you attended classes at a vocational school, we will take this into account.

During your apprenticeship, you will spend time in all different departments of our company. You can therefore get an impression of the different fields and decide afterwards which department you would like to join.

Metalworker in construction technique (m/f/x) know what is what!

Metalworkers specialised in construction technique manufacture and assemble roofings, façade elements, gates, window frames and protection grids made of steel or other materials.

They often produce individual pieces according to the customer's request. 
On the basis of technical drawings, they manufacture sheets, pipes or sections out of steel or light metals. Afterwards, they weld, rivet and screw the construction elements together. During on-site assembly, they also install locking and security systems and fix mechanical, hydraulic and electric drives of gate systems and sun protection systems. 
In addition, they maintain their products and keep them in a good condition.

Duration of vocational training: 3.5 years; if you attended classes at a vocational school, we will take this into account.

The vocational trainings in our company follow a training and rotation schedule: since you discover all machines, departments and the on-site assembly, you will be able to acquire all the skills needed.

Technical system planner specialised in steel and metal engineering

...for all those fond of making plans

Technical system planners specialised in steel and metal engineering draw plans and technical documents for steel and metal structures. They usually work with CAD software. According to the instructions of the development/construction department, they make layout drawings for metal structures such as bridges, gates, windows and façades or detailed drawings for all the individual elements of a crane to be constructed.
They show the object’s details or the assembled state from different angles while taking into consideration the relevant drawing standards and noting down the dimensioning required for production and assembly. Another important task they manage is project documentation.

Duration of vocational training: 3.5 years

Vocational trainings in our company always start with production and assembly. From the very beginning, this allows you to discover what our steel halls and other structures look like. Drawing and constructing will be easier afterwards. During series of classes, you will acquire many different skills, for example concerning CAD software.

What we offer: Always a bit more, always a bit better

This is typical for Husen:

Our training wages exceed the collective agreements. We offer 28 days annual leave and healthcare services within our company, for example the “qualitrain” sports classes.

We will of course support your learning process and offer many additional inter-company courses